September 30, 2008

it's the Tuesday of banned book week! w00

and i have a poll for you... i'm just curious...
so if you wish, either leave a comment here or e-mail me at with your answers :]

1)How many banned books have you read over the course of your lifetime?
2)What are your views on banning books?
3)Have you or has anyone you know ever tried to have a book banned? if so, why/what book?
4)People often say that banning certain types of books is ok, but only if they're really bad (like how to build a bomb and kill your neighbors, etc. lol). do you agree or disagree with this and why?
5)have you done anything to participate in banned book week? what?

so yeah. thanks :]
happy reading!<3


Amee said...

1) Hmm, I know over 30 from the lists I've read this week of challenged/banned books. But since I've never seen a list of every book ever challenged or banned, I would say the number is higher.

2) I disagree with censorship so I'm against book banning!

3) Nope, never have and don't know anyone who has.

4) Well aside from those books actually ever getting published, I would have to say no. Because by banning one book, the can of worms is open and the rest follow.

5) I've commented on blog posts like this one about it! I don't have time to read any books for fun this week so unless Moby Dick was banned, I haven't been able to read any for the week.

Anonymous said...

what's a band book mean?? like your not allowed to read it?

The Fox Reads said...

a banned book just means that it has either been removed from a school library, public library, school reading list, etc because someone has deemed it "inappropriate" for whatever reason