April 13, 2008

Before I Die by. Jenny Downham

It's really going to happen.They said it would, but this is quicker than anyone thought.

Everyone has to die. We all know it.
With only a few months of life left, sixteen-year-old Tessa knows it better than most.
She's made a list, though -- ten things she wants to do before she dies. Number one is sex. Starting tonight.
But getting what you want isn't easy. And getting what you want doesn't aways give you what you need. And sometimes that more unexpected things become important.
Uplifting, life-affirming, joyous -- this extraordinary novel celebrates what it is to be alive by confronting what it's really like to die.

I finally got around to reading this book and i am so glad that i did. This book has it all: romance, suspense, humor, sadness and so much more. Before I Die is one of those books that I will never forget and that I will probably recommend to others. It is definitely not for everyone, though. It touches upon subjects that probably are not appropriate for certain people, but I would say definitely read it if you don't mind some somewhat awkward scenes
. But overall, this book has a good story that really touches the heart and makes you think about life itself.


BooksandLove said...

This book made me cry when I was reading the ending.

The Fox Reads said...

yes, me too. i cried during this book.

addicted reader said...

Im reading this right now.....I hope to finish it with in the next 2 days.

addicted reader said...

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addicted reader said...

i just finished the book yesterday. I liked it...i have the review on my blog. check it out!!!